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Your Health Deserves the Best…

Give it the personal attention it deserves with personalized health and nutrition coaching with Allie Angelo, Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach

At Ojas, you won’t just get another diet or weight loss plan. We won’t send you home with a list of foods not to eat and outrageous expectations. Ojas Wellness and Nutrition is a whole-life health coaching business where you can get the personalized attention you need and deserve. No two people are the same; what works for you may not work for your spouse, friend, or family. I’m here to help you figure out exactly what is right for you and what you need to live a happier and healthier life. Then, I’ll be with you every step of the way; from implementing lifestyle changes and cutting out or adding in foods to identifying food allergies and getting rid of symptoms you’re sick of having. I’m here to coach you, to care for you, and to be your personal wellness advocate throughout your journey to better health and a happier, fuller life. I offer a wide variety of coaching services, including: nutrition coaching, supplement sessions, non-toxic skincare mini sessions, nutrition packages and programs, and private in-home elite coaching! Want to learn more? Click below and schedule a FREE consultation with me now!

I am now offering open office hours in Ravenna and Medina! Walk-ins and Appointments are welcome.
Visit my Contact page to view available days and times at each location. To book an appointment, fill out the contact form or choose the location you want to be seen at when booking your appointment. Contact me at info@ojaswellnessohio.com if you have any questions or need help requesting an appointment.


Skincare Sessions Now Available!

Are you looking for a way to get healthy, glowing skin without a stressful routine and a million products? Let me guide you to healthy and glowing skin with a personalized, non-toxic skincare routine created just for you. I’m currently offering Skincare Mini Sessions: $25 for a 30-minute session that includes a skin assessment, discussion over any specific problems or skincare concerns you have, and a personalized skincare plan to get you started on your path to beautiful, healthy skin. I also offer Skincare Deluxe Sessions, which are 60-minute sessions at $45 each. The deluxe sessions include an assessment, skin mapping, going over concerns, a personalized skincare plan, and a follow-up call or appointment to assess progress and adjust your plan as needed. Fill out the form below to request a session, or click here to directly book a skincare mini session or here for a deluxe session.

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