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Are you ready to take control of your health? Book a free consultation, an intro coaching appointment, or a simple follow up by using the scheduler below. Consultations are 100% free! Other appointment pricing can be viewed in the scheduler. If you are in need of another type of appointment or have other questions, please contact me directly.


Book a Free Consultation - 30 Minute Duration (Available In-Person, By Phone, or Via Video Chat)

A consultation will take about 30 minutes, but you should probably plan for about 45 minutes, just in case in takes a little longer. During your consultation I will give you more information about myself, my training, and the programs that Ojas Wellness and Nutrition offers. I’ll ask you some questions and give you the opportunity to tell me what your goals are, what you struggle with, and why you’re looking for personalized health coaching. You’ll have a chance to ask my any questions you might have, and at the end of our time together we should both have a good idea about whether or not moving forward is a good fit for us both! A consultation is 100% free and 100% commitment-free, so you’re not agreeing to anything by attending and you won’t be charged anything for this short session.

Book a Single Session - 60 Minute Duration (Available In-Person and via Video Chat)

A single session can be for a follow-up or as an initial session after a free consultation. If this is your first session you can expect:

  • Filling out and going over your health history form

  • Goal Setting

  • Exercises to identify problem areas

  • Time for Q&A

  • Simple recommendations to get you started

Existing clients who will be using this session time as a follow-up/continued progress session can expect:

  • Going over your progress

  • Identifying any areas you're struggling with

  • Diving deeper into what you need to reach your health goals

  • New simple recommendations to implement

  • An overview of your food journal or food log

  • An overview of your exercise journal or exercise log

Book a Supplement Overhaul Session - 45 Minutes (Available In-Person or via Video Chat)

Bring in ALL the supplements you're taking, write down any supplements you've been wondering about, and let me help you figure out what you really need to take, and what you don't!

In this 45-minute session we will:

  • Go over any supplements you're currently taking. What they are, why you're taking them, how long you've bee taking them, etc.

  • Discuss any supplements you've been wondering about or considering taking, as well as any that may have been recommended to you.

  • Figure out exactly what supplements you really do need.

  • Figure out what supplements you should cut out.

  • Decide if there are any supplements you should add in, change brands, etc.

  • Go over ways to add more nutrition to your diet, reducing your need for nutritional supplements.

  • Receive written prescriptions for any supplements I decide you should add in.

These sessions are only 45 minutes, and will offer endless value when it comes to getting your supplement game in order. With hundreds of thousands of supplements out there, it can be difficult to know what to take, what brands are good quality, and which supplements your body truly needs. Take the guesswork out of the whole process and let me guide you!

Book a Skincare Mini Session (Available In-Person or via Video Chat)

Are you looking to create a new, stress-free and effective skincare regimen using the best non-toxic products? Let me start you on the right path to beautiful, healthy skin! We'll assess your skin type, go over any concerns you have, and I'll help you start building a new, healthy skincare routine. Mini sessions are 30 minutes long and can be done in-person or via video chat.

Book a Skincare Deluxe Session (Available In-Person or via Video Chat)

In my Skincare Deluxe Session we'll take a full hour to assess your skin, go over skin mapping, discuss any skin concerns you have, and work to build you a new skincare routine. You'll receive a full assessment, a step-by-step plan to overhaul your current skincare routine and turn it into a stress-free, non-toxic routine to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. We'll also go over food and lifestyle changes that can help your journey to healthy skin and stress-free skincare. In addition, you'll get a 30-minute follow-up where we will go over your progress and adjust your skincare plan as needed.