Free Consultations

Congratulations on deciding to take control of your health and happiness! I’m so excited that you’re considering working me with and letting me guide you on a path to better health, increased happiness, and overall better wellness. The first step is getting to know each other a little, which is why I offer free 30 minute consultations. A consultation can be done in-person, over the phone, or via video chat, so don’t worry if you don’t have time to see me face-to-face right away.

What Does a Consultation Consist of?

A consultation will take about 30 minutes, but you should probably plan for about 45 minutes, just in case it takes a little longer. During your consultation, I will give you more information about myself, my training, and the programs that Ojas Wellness and Nutrition currently offers. I’ll ask you some questions and give you the opportunity to tell me what your goals are, what you struggle with, and why you’re looking for personalized health coaching. You’ll have a chance to ask me any questions you might have, and at the end of our time together we should both have a good idea about whether or not moving forward is a good fit for us both! A consultation is 100% free and 100% commitment-free, so you’re not agreeing to anything by attending and you won’t be charged anything for this short session. Are you ready to schedule your consultation? Click below!