Health, wellness, and nutrition packages are designed to offer a way for patients to achieve longer-term health goals, with the help of a personal coach and nutritionist. When you commit to a package, you’re making a promise to yourself and investing in your future health and happiness. Ojas Wellness and Nutrition offers packages ranging from five weeks to six months.

Choosing the package that’s right for you depends on your overall goals and how much time you want to invest in your health journey. I recommend scheduling a free consultation with me before purchasing a package. After doing a health evaluation, I will be able to help you figure out the best time-frame for your goals and which package will suit your personal needs the best.

Available Packages

Five Week Jumpstart

Perfect for jumpstarting your lifestyle changes, doing a deep detox, or just trying out a healthier lifestyle for the first time. This package 3 hour-long 1:1 coaching sessions and 5 coaching calls (one weekly.) During your five-week jumpstart we will map out your goals and make specific changes throughout the program that will help you to reach those goals. You will receive a personal account where you can track your food, exercise, and progress as well as receive content, supplement prescriptions, and plans directly from me.


Ten Week Habit-Changer

Let’s create new, healthier habits in your life! Whether you’re looking to increase your overall health, reduce symptoms, or something else this ten-week program is designed with habit-changing and creating. This package includes 5 1:1 coaching sessions, 10 coaching calls (one weekly,) and an exclusive free gift! In addition, you will also have your own account to track progress, book appointments, and communicate with me.


Three Month Motivator

Maybe you need help getting in shape for an event or you’re looking to overhaul your entire lifestyle and replace it with something better, and healthier. Whatever your motivation is, this three-month program is designed to help inspire and motivate you, while guiding you through applying real changes to you life, diet, and self. This package includes 6 1:1 coaching sessions (two per month,) 10 coaching calls (one weekly,) free admission to any workshops I’m holding in the area, a free gift, and your personal health and wellness account!


Six Month Life Changer

In the world of health and wellness, six months is the magic number for creating real, lasting changes to your diet and lifestyle. With a six-month program we can dive deep into your goals, what’s holding you back, and formulate a comprehensive plan that will take you step by step through creating new healthy habits, getting rid of bad habits, changing your relationship with food, reducing any negative symptoms you’ve been having, address disease prevention, and so much more. Each six-month program includes 12 1:1 coaching sessions (two per month,) 12 coaching calls (two weekly,) free admission to any Ojas workshops in the area, free gifts, a personal health and wellness account, and 24/7 access to me for any questions or concerns you may have outside of your scheduled sessions and calls.

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