Elite Coaching Packages

Private, In-Home Health, Wellness, and Nutrition Coaching
Bring health and nutrition coaching into the comfort of your own home with our private, elite coaching

Many people like the idea of personalized health coaching, but they may not have the time to go meet with someone a few times each month, or they may not be able to leave the house often due to illness or chronic pain. Whatever the case may be, Ojas Wellness and Nutrition has a solution: Elite, Private In-Home Coaching Packages. We offer three levels of private in-home coaching: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level has its own benefits and extras to help support you on a journey to better health and happiness, all from the comfort and privacy of your home. Read more about each package below, and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to request information or book a private coaching appointment.

Private in-home coaching - bronze package

Our Bronze Package is a 2-month long coaching package that consists of hour-long sessions, coaching calls, and progress tracking. Here’s everything you’ll get in this package:

  • 2 Months of Coaching

  • 2 hour-long in-home sessions per month, with a total of 4

  • 24/7 Access to me via the Better app

  • 4 30-minute coaching calls


Private In-Home Coaching - Silver Package

The Silver Package offers everything you will find in the standard Bronze Package, plus a lot more. This package will give you 3-months of coaching and everything you need to fully support your journey. Here’s what you will receive when you purchase this package:

  • 3 Months of coaching

  • 2 Sessions per month; 1 90 minute, 1 60 minute with a total of 6 sessions

  • 5 30-minute coaching calls

  • 24/7 Acces to me via the Better App, Phone, or Video Chat

  • Exclusive Day-to-Day Meal Planning

  • 3 in-home cooking demonstrations/meals cooked


Private In-Home Coaching - Gold Package

Our Gold Package is the most comprehensive, and it offers you the most value for your money. This full-service in-home coaching package offers you a full 5 months of coaching, longer private sessions, more step-by-step help, and additional meals cooked, and a lot more. Here’s is what you will get in the Gold Package:

  • 4 Months of Coaching

  • 2 1.5-Hour sessions per month, with a total of 8

  • 6 coaching calls, that can be used at any time during your 4 months

  • Exclusive day-to-day meal planning

  • Personalized shopping lists, planned weekly

  • 5 in-home cooking demonstrations/meals cooked for you by me

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